A Children's Book About Donald Trump's Hair That's Perfect For Bedtime

Well, kind of.

Step aside, magical talking animals and dedicated superheroes. There's a new children's book character to read about, and he wants to "make America great again."

In a children's book (that's not actually intended for kids) titled "Donald Trump and the Wig of Evil" from filmmaker and artist Guy Larsen, the spotlight is put on -- you guessed it -- Trump and his hair. For full disclosure, the book is slightly NSFW and probably more enjoyable for parents as it offers a funny take on what's really responsible for Trump's actions and commentary.

"Can Donald Trump really believe in the scandalous soundbites he keeps saying?" Larsen wrote on Bored Panda. "The only conclusion I could come to -- there’s something evil, and much more sinister, calling the shots."

Check out a selection of Trump's wig's quest for "world domination" below. For Larsen's original video about the book, head to YouTube. For more of his work, head to Instagram.

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