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A Christmas Tale: It's Not What You Think

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The sun isn't up yet but everyone else is!

The gifts are under the tree and the food is on the table.

Family and friends will gather today to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

All is perfect!

For you!

We have a tendency to live in our own little bubble thinking everyone has it the same.

Not so..

Today is my first Christmas alone. Before you break out the violins, don't.

I'm not writing this for me because my life is great. In fact I wouldn't trade anything for the world!!

I am writing this for those that may not have a voice.

The masses of people that are alone, depressed, without resources to make this a special day for their family.

I've been in my own business for a long time and I remember many Christmas's were my kids only got the gifts my parents and others gave because I had to meet payroll and other business expenses.

I also remember times when I had to use my parents "cash" gift to pay our rent/mortgage.

My parents always gave me and my brothers a cash gift because they never knew where I was in business.

All this to say that I am so blessed and if you are reading this my guess is you are as well... even if you don't feel it!

Keep your eyes open this holiday season and realize that the homeless man you see, the single mom struggling, the kids that look hungry, the Vet that doesn't seem just right, the lonely lady, the dejected man are ALL people.

The homeless man would give anything for a home, the single mom is begging God for relief, the hungry kids a meal, the vet the peace he/she used to know, the lonely lady a loving hand and the dejected.. acceptance.

Above all...

They want to know that they are not invisible and that they are loved!

Love is free!

Love is the one gift that when you give it away, you end up with more.

Pass along the gift of love today! Especially to those that really need it about now!!!