A Clinton/Sanders Ticket?

After what seems like a lifetime, Hillary Clinton is now faced with yet another challenge in her race for the White House - selecting a running mate. As we all know, this choice can make or break a candidate. With an opponent like Donald Trump, her selection is key.

Many feel Clinton and Sanders cannot overcome their differences but I believe it is their differences that make them a winning combination. They compliment each other perfectly and, combined, are unstoppable. If the passionate supporters of both Democratic candidates came out to vote on Election Day, the duo would surely defeat Trump. It may be time to put differences, and egos, aside for the good of the party and the American people.

According to the latest polls, Clinton has a 3-point lead over Trump but that is a bit too close for comfort given the 3 percent margin of error and considering what is at stake. Secretary Clinton has come too far and fought too long to gamble with the presidency. Not only would a Clinton/Sanders ticket win but it would also bring a much-needed balance to both the party and the country. The old adage, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" comes to mind. The common goal being not only to win but to prevent Trump from taking office and maybe that involves Clinton and Sanders teaming up for the greater good.

We have watched Hillary battle for this position for a long time and we know how important it is to her but it is important to us as well. Whatever happens, please choose carefully Secretary Clinton because the fate of the country hangs in the balance.