A Closer Look At Donald Trump's Inventive Vocabulary

Donald Trump is a highly inventive man with a robust sense of self worth and his own unique vocabulary. These wonderful features have led Trump to gain a lot of support around the United States. Support like Catholic churches telling voters they'll go to hell for voting democrat, or resident bug-eyed freak, Rudy Giuliani.

A breakdown of Trump's inventive vocabulary is the best way to help you comprehend his sloppy word salad. Lucky enough, someone here at the Outspeak office got a quick peek at Trump's "best words" journal, and we're stunned to see he has written his own definitions for his favorite expressions. Here they are unedited: Adjective
  1. Bigger than the biggest.
  2. The best big.
  3. A type of big only found in America. Adjective
  1. Meant to suggest the very best size without much more than tiny hands to back it up.
Sch.long.ed Verb
  1. A loss, a yuge loss, specifically to a man. Adjective
  1. A boastful way to demonstrate an inflated sense of worth and importance.
Department.of.environmental Noun
  1. A place full of liars who believe in global warming.

Now let's use them in a sentence: