A Complete Guide To The Tangled Web Of Teen Fandoms

People sometimes look at fandoms from the outside and wonder why these teens spend so much time on these people they don't know personally, but once you step inside the world you can start to understand it.

- Haley, high school junior, "Fangirling Dissected"

Yes, being a teen fan on the Internet is serious business, but it can also be a little confusing -- especially if you're a n00b.

What are Miley Cyrus fans called? Which fan groups get along? From figuring out who's who to navigating the groups with the most vicious, public rivalries (Directioners and Beliebers, we're looking at you), we're here to help. See the map below for answers to every question you never knew you had about teen fandoms. You'll be an expert in no time.

Infographic by Jan Diehm for the Huffington Post.