A Complete Rejection of the US's Binary Political Thinking

Given my profession people assume I'm a Republican. After all, I work with business on a regular basis to lower their overall tax liability. However, I'm not a Republican for the following reasons. First, they have a clear anti-intellectual bent. Given the Republicans' complete denial of climate change and their embrace of the creationist movement, it's no wonder that a mere 6% of scientists consider themselves Republicans. And that goes to the larger point -- the Republican party has a clear anti-fact bias. Secondly, Republicans clearly want women to be nothing more than wombs with legs. Ever notice how Republican men love to talk about abortion but never seem to volunteer for a vasectomy? Finally, Republicans have embraced a talking/chattering class (Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity) that are nothing more than non-educated fear mongers. If these people are your spokesmen, you've got a series problem.

However, the last six months have demonstrated the Democrats are no better. What it really comes down to is the Democrats do not know how to lead. The latest example is the "compromise" legislation on health care that was created by the whiny baby Lieberman. Three months ago, Lieberman was all for a Medicate buy-in. Now he's not. Why? Because it gets him attention. His stance has nothing to do with ideology. However, notice how the Democrats -- who are in the clear majority -- can't seem to get anything done on this matter? The reason is simple: they can't lead. Reid, Pelosi and Obama have demonstrated they are unwilling to make the necessary decisions to get anything accomplished.

But at the heart of the matter is the central problem with US politics: binary thinking. Why are Republicans against health care reform? Because the Democrats are for it. Why are Democrats not interested in talking about entitlement reform? Because Republicans are for it. The list goes on forever. When a Republican says x, the Democrat will respond with the polar opposite. It's that simple. And that's the problem.

In the hyper-partisan environment of Washington we have in essence a giant conflagration of wind-up dolls who say things on cue. Anytime a reporter goes to a Republican you know you're going to hear "low taxes ... government bad ... socialist " When a reporter asks a Democrat anything you're going to hear "Wall Street bad ... tax the rich." It's that simple. There is not a single ounce of creative thought that goes into anything that comes from Washington. I have not heard an intelligent, free-thinking statement from anyone in Congress for so long I am now convinced it is not possible in the current environment. And that is the real problem. Intelligent thought is no longer possible in the current political environment; both parties are so tied-in to their ideology that they can't see beyond themselves. And that is very concerning.