A Criminal Escalation of An Unjust War

A Criminal Escalation of An Unjust War
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The war in Iraq was unjust; to continue it now is criminal. There is no winning in Iraq. This was a war that should have never been fought - or won. It can't be won, and the truth is that there are no good solutions now - that's how unjust wars often turn out. The president says that "failure in Iraq would be a disaster for the United States." But we have already failed in Iraq and it has already become a disaster for Americans, Iraqis, the Middle East, and even for the larger campaign against terrorism. The mistaken war in Iraq can only be mercifully ended, in ways that cause the least damage to everyone involved: the Americans and the Iraqis, the volatile surrounding region, and a world longing for security. It will likely take new international leadership to help fix the mess of Iraq, because U.S. leadership has brought one calamity after another. Unjust wars cause massive human suffering. When will we ever learn?

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