A Culture of Fraud Where the Media Live

Saturday, the LAT did a long piece about the diminishing chances for a comprehensive Louisiana recovery program in Congress, premised parrtly on Sen. Mary Landrieu's alleged "shrillness" (would a male senator be described that way?) and partly on the state's reputation for political shenanigans. Said Idaho's Republican Senator Larry Craig:

"Louisiana and New Orleans are the most corrupt governments in our country, and they have always been," Craig told a newspaper in his home state. "Fraud is in the culture of Iraqis. I believe that is true in Louisiana as well."

Maybe he should add New York to that list. Monday's NY Daily News reports that Long Island Republican Congressman Peter King suggests that billions of the federal funds for post 9/11 recovery may have been plagued by what the paper describes as "waste, fraud, and mismanagement." What, did they bring consultants up from Louisiana to teach them how to do that? Or is New York more culturally rich than we knew?