'A Dangerous Method': Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender In Freud-Jung Drama (VIDEO)

And here come the Oscar contenders.

Deep into a summer of superhero blockbusters and romantic comedies, the first trailers for the year's dramatic award hopefuls are starting to hit the web. First, it was Spielberg's "War Horse," followed by the Gary Oldman/Colin Firth spy thriller, "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy." Now, we get the based-on-a-true-story, psycho drama in every sense of the word,
A Dangerous Method," the Keira Knightley/Viggo Mortensen/Michael Fassbender period drama about the famous analysts Freud and Jung.

Featuring Mortensen as Freud and Fassbender as Jung, the two early 1900s groundbreaking psychologists, the film tells the dramatic story of Sabina Spielrein (Knightley), the mad Russian young woman admitted into Jung's care in 1904 in Switzerland. Having helped her through the time, evidence later suggested that the two had an affair, an unethical breach of doctor-patient protocol, especially in such a sensitive field.

Spielrein would go on to become an analyst herself, one of the first prominent female members of the field and a prominent Russian talent.

The film is based on a London play called "The Talking Cure," one of a number of stage productions about the drama. In 2005, the documentary, "Ich hieß Sabina Spielrein," or, "My Name Was Sabina Spielrein," was released, based on documents found in a box of her things in 1977.

For Knightley, it's a return to historical drama, where she's made an impact with "Dr. Zhivago," "King Arthur," and "Pride and Prejudice." Fassbender is on a roll himself, having just starred in the hit "X-Men: First Class." Vincent Cassel, of "Black Swan" fame, also stars in the film.