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A Day at a Farm With Rob MacInnis

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The Farm Family Project focuses on the idea of the creation of identity within the photographic image. By foregrounding our innate compassion for animals, Rob MacInnis explores the correlation between the reifying process of animal consumption and the fashion world's depiction of the body.

Drawing upon the fashion portrait photography of Annie Leibowitz and David LaChapelle, MacInnis gives the animals an arena for self-expression as well as humiliation.

"By presenting animals as sentient beings capable of making their own decisions, my objective is to portray an alternate world in which animals exist not as human possessions, but rather as individuals living within their own communities."

Rob MacInnis studied Directing at New York Film Academy before receiving a BFA with a Photography Major from the Nova Scotia College of art and Design in 2005. He has been published in various editorials such as The New York Times, Eye weekly, and his work has been exhibited internationally in several galleries.

Currently residing in Providence, Rhode Island, MacInnis works primarily in photo.

Intensely stylized, The Farm Family portraits demand immediate emotional reaction, drawing on the raw connection between viewer and subject and exposing the instinctive, compassionate union of species.

Courtesy Rob MacInnis
Upcoming Exhibition:
Canadian Art Gallery Hop, Toronto
September 21, 2011

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