A Day for Universal Connecting and Creativity


Unplug and reconnect...

A soapbox I jump on every once in a while and a cause I truly believe in -- passionately. In fact, more so after reading about the late Steve Jobs and his strong views on his children's education.

My view is that everyone should pick a "Sabbath" -- a time of some duration (an hour, minimum) -- on any day they choose and put down their electronics, turn off their devices, close their computers, walk don't ride, fight the urge to tweet and reconnect with their lives... friends... family... nature... themselves...

It is my belief that inherent in those connections is a powerful creativity that we run the risk of losing in the crowded and noisy and complicated world that consumes us from the time we wake up and first pick up our smartphones -- and, by the way, the impact on the environment would be monumental.

I want to up the ante, and thank you Solly for the inspiration.

What if we were to pick one day a year -- a day we all agree on -- and declare it our day? A day of Universal Connectivity and Creativity. A day of thinking, reflecting, hugging, walking, talking, eating (yes, eating without a device on the table). A day when social media online goes dark because social offline goes live.

Imagine the power of such a day. You could participate in as much of it or as little as your personal "jones" allowed, from one hour to 24, and I guarantee you that just like picking your random day a week will change your life. If we could aggregate it all in one day, once a year, we will change the world.

Now, I know this is a crazy idea -- beyond, in fact -- but listen:

"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs

Jobs saw this, just like he saw Apple. I'm convinced of it.

Are you ready to be crazy and help start a movement to change the world?

What do you think?