A Day In My Life As a Mom

A Day In My Life As a Mom
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5:45 AM: I wake up and check in on Wyatt who is still sleeping soundly in his crib.

5:50 AM: Blend up a green smoothie and go for a quick 1.5 mile jog on the treadmill.

6:15 AM: Shower and get dressed for the day.

6:40: AM: Enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the news and social media.

6:55 AM: Wyatt wakes up and I nurse him and get him dressed.

7:10 AM: I do my hair and make up while Wyatt plays happily in his activity gym.

7:45 AM: Head over to my mom's house with Wyatt and Maggie.

8:10 AM: Nurse Wyatt again at my Mom's house. (just a little snack)

8:30 AM: Head into the office.

11:00 AM: Take a pumping break at my computer. Answer some emails and catch up on social media.

1:30: PM Pick up Wyatt

2:00: PM Feed Wyatt at home.

2:30: PM Take a long walk with Maggie and Wyatt.

3:00 PM: Put Wyatt down for a 1.5 hour nap.

3:05 PM: Work on some freelance work while also preparing dinner.

4:30 PM: Wyatt wakes up and we read books, sing songs, and play.

5:00 PM: Nurse Wyatt

5:30 PM: Get dinner ready and feed Wyatt some food.

6:15 PM: Ryan comes home and we sit down for a nice family dinner.

7:00 PM: Go on a family walk.

7:30 PM: Wyatt's bedtime routine. Bath, songs, books, pajamas, fall asleep in crib.

8:00 PM: Catch up on some house chores.

8:30 PM: Pour a glass of wine and chat with Ryan and maybe watch some TV

9:30 PM: Read in bed.

10:30 PM: Fall asleep for the night.


I wish! Did I fool you??? My days look a little more like this:


5:50 AM: Wyatt wakes up and I nurse him and then try to get him to settle down or go back to bed so I can get as much sleep as possible.

7:20 AM: Force myself to get out of bed and throw on some clothes and maybe some eyeliner and moisturizer and brush my hair.

7:30 AM: Get Wyatt dressed.

7:35 AM: Throw together some breakfast and my lunch and pour some coffee in a travel mug and lug everything for our day out to the car.

7:45 AM: Drive Maggie and Wyatt over to my mom's house.

8:10 AM: Nurse Wyatt again.

8:30 AM: Head into work.

11:00 AM: Take my pumping break in the bathroom. Ick.

1:30 PM: Leave work and head to my mom's. Feed Wyatt before driving home.

2:00 PM: Chug coffee. Work on some freelance while simultaneously playing with Wyatt.

2:45 PM: Get Wyatt down for a nap. He falls asleep and I try to sneak in some more work.

3:00 PM: Wyatt wakes up from his "nap"

3:10 PM: After it is clear he is not going to fall back asleep I set him up with some toys so I can attempt get some work done.

5:30 PM: Feed Wyatt.

6:00 PM: Get dinner ready. Like cook a frozen pizza or throw together a salad.

6:30 PM: Ryan comes home and we take turns eating dinner while the other entertains Wyatt.

7:00 PM: Go for a short family walk.

7:20 PM: Give Wyatt his bath and read and sing to him. Enjoy our only time all day together to relax and enjoy Wyatt.

7:25 PM: Wyatt is wide awake.

7:30 PM: Don't give up hope. Lights out. Nurse Wyatt. Rock Wyatt. Desperately try to get Wyatt to sleep.

8:00 PM: Repeat above.

8:30 PM: Bring Wyatt downstairs. Set him up in his rock and play.

8:40 PM: Wyatt promptly falls asleep with us. We watch a TV show until we can barely keep our eyes open.

9:30 PM: Carry Wyatt up and he sleeps in our room with us. We all fall asleep.

11:30 PM: Nurse Wyatt.

2:30 AM: Nurse Wyatt.

5:30 AM: Nurse Wyatt.

Start the day all over again!

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