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A Day in the Life of a Male Fashion Model (Pizza, "Haircuts" and Possibly Regrowing a Beard in Two Hours)

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In a retrospective on New York Fashion Week, we reflect on the unruffled coolness of male models brethren and their unflappable calmness in the face of unapologetic high fashion.

We were lucky enough to tag along with San Diego native, Cheyne Oglesby, a 10-year vet of Ford Models, as he went about his day shooting the Nautica lookbook and modeling their Fall 2011 collection at Donald and Mary Oenslager Gallery Library during NYFW.

The climax of the day for this male Fashion Week pro?

Is his beard too heavy? If we go too short, will he be able to unhinge supernatural powers and regrow it in two hours time? Read on to catch his day at a glance.

Day in the Life of a Male Fashion Week Model