'A Day In The Life Of San Francisco' Memorializes Our Dear City (VIDEO)

WATCH: This Ode To SF Will Give You Goosebumps

My how we love a good, wholesome piece of San Francisco porn.

A new video from the tourism bureau showcases our fair city at its finest, bringing viewers along for a three-and-a-half minute adventure through the staples, from a bike ride along the Golden Gate Bridge and a romp through the park to dinner at the finest restaurants and a night out on the town.

Sure, most of what the footage showcases is pretty predictable, and we can think of a million better days in the life of San Francisco (Kite Hill, anyone?), but anyone with a pulse has a soft spot for aerial skyline views and cars winding down Lombard Street. Especially when played to a sappy, violin-laden soundtrack.

Okay, okay, we'll admit it: We got goosebumps by the end. Long live the greatest city on earth!

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