A Day in the Life of SHEfinds CEO Michelle Madhok

I read your "about me," and I'm exhausted! Can you give us a "week-in-the-life?" How do you do it all? How do you hear about the latest life-hacks? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

Answer by Michelle Madhok, founder of SHEfinds.com and online shopping expert, on Quora.

Here's what a day looks like while running my company, SHEfinds:

I have an eleven-pound Peekapoo dog that wakes me up at precisely 7:25 every morning by jumping on me and biting my hands. Sometimes I try to fake that I'm asleep, but then the torment just escalates and barking gets added to the mix. I take the dog for a walk and always wear my my Jabra Sport Bluetooth headphones that connect to my iPhone. I use a special leash that snaps around my waist like a belt so I can work my iPhone while the dog walks me.

We live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan on Riverside Park, so my day always begins with a walk along the Hudson River. As we walk, I start working the apps. I fire up Stitcher to see what new podcast episodes were posted. My favorites right now are Freakonomics, 99% Invisible, Reply All, Double X, and The James Altucher Show. Then I go through email and clear out all the spam and answer any emails that came in while I slept. When I'm finished with that, I power up a pedometer app. I'm aiming to do 10,000 steps a day. We walk for half an hour, and if the weather's nice I stop to chat with other small dog owners in the dog run. Usually I get filled in on neighborhood gossip by the regulars, but I once found a great employee just by chatting with someone in the dog run, so you never know who you'll meet.

Back at home, I watch GMA on mute with closed captioning, turn Howard Stern on my SiriusXM satellite app, and start to go through industry news and happenings on Feedly. When I see something that would be a good post or an industry trend, I email the link to the appropriate editor. Our policy is that all staffers have to be on their computers working at 8 AM, but no one has to come into the office until 11:30 AM. I started this policy when I first began hiring employees because I hated to deal with the morning rush. I like to ease into my day and I think it gives us a jump to start work at 8 AM when everyone else is in the shower or on the subway. Since everyone's online, there's no reason for us to have a lot of office hours. On Mondays, going to the office is optional.

My husband, who is the COO and president, takes the subway downtown with the dog, which takes about thirty minutes. Our office is on 27th and 6th; a gentrifying neighborhood where a lot of tech companies are pushing out the counterfeit bag dealers and tchotchke supply stores. When I turn on my iPhone's wifi I see signals from a bunch of NYC tech companies. Our office is open plan and furnished with IKEA white desks that I got for free because IKEA did a video featuring us. During the day we have various impromptu meetings or brainstorming sessions about how to increase traffic and revenue. We have a glass conference room and I love watching the team have meetings without me. I still get a thrill that this business I created in my bedroom doesn't need me to function on a daily basis. Day to day I'm usually working on recruitment, strategic deals, and as a coach for my direct reports.

We have staff meetings once a week and the meetings start with us going around the table and each person saying two good things for the week - one business and one personal - and a thank you to another staffer. I strive to create a corporate culture where people feel like they matter, so that's why we start meetings recognizing each individual.

In the evenings, I usually go to an event. We get invited to a ton of press launches, and then there are the events I go to for EONY, along with assorted tech events.

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