A Delusional Freshman Senator

A Southern senator redefines insanity!

There has been an insidious craziness in the House of Representatives for an insufferable while and, until a few years ago, it was comical.

During that time the Senate, though outwardly intransigent and equally ineffective, had remained relatively sane -- at least compared to the House.

But, that has changed dramatically. The lunacy, once confined to the House, has now crept into the August body!

Enter Ted Cruz.

Though Monsieur Cruz, the Ivy League-educated Canadian, was preceded by the erratic and inglorious Rand Paul, the Lone Star pol has taken imbalanced and out-of-touch to new heights.

Playing to a maniacal base his unrealistic positions continually impede progress and distort even the most legitimate legislation. Junior senator Cruz is redefining political rhetoric. His attempts to present daft ideas as intellectually sound policy is nothing more than grandiloquence -- intellectual bullshit!

Those who align with the senator and his positions have a misguided conception that he's relevant. Disruptive? Yes. Relevant? No! He believes that, through diligence, however unproductive and misplaced, he can change government. And he has been zealously diligent calling out others in his own party for their weakness in standing up for his principles. However, his intransigence is making government worse rather than better -- creating even more problems for America.

Prior to Ted Cruz and even before Rand Paul, Congress was becoming ineffective. But now, it's even worse -- encumbered by angry, recalcitrant Republicans who have difficulty dealing with the election of a black president.

The inimitable Senator Cruz, taking up his lance and sword to battle the evil government, is reminiscent of Cervantes' fabled Don Quixote. Are his naive followers his Sancho Panzas? Following blindly, reverently into the abyss?

Like the knight-errant, Cruz is chasing illusory windmills formulated from delusions of grandeur -- his distorted view of self-worth.

His first crusade, like Quixote's, ended in failure. Shutting down the government -- hurting millions of middle-class and poor, disrupting their already difficult lives -- was self-defeating.

Undaunted by failure, driven by an undeserved majesty, Cruz will likely embark on a second Quixotesqué adventure. Will his next undertaking, his next attempt at relevance, be another threat to shut down the government in December or hold the debt ceiling hostage in January?

After the shutdown fiasco the Houston Chronicle regrets endorsing Cruz, about whom they had reservations prior to the 2012 election. They've gone even further, asking that he focus in the future on what's good for Texas rather than on the tea party agenda he's pursuing.

Who, or what, is his Dulcinea? Is it the weak and unrepresented citizenry who need his chivalrous protection to overcome an evil and sinister government, a government composed of pernicious Democrats and even too many maleficent Republicans? Or is Cruz's Dulcinea a narcissistic reflection of self? An idealized perception of what he thinks he can attain, of who he wants to be?

Granted, his following has increased since he took a hard-line stance against the budget, demanding that Obamacare be defunded. It's already an austere budget that limits the government's ability to bring our economy out of an interminable recession. His inflexible position ended up hurting those he claims to be protecting and is going to cost an estimated $24 billion in economic growth. For what?

This was just days after voting to cut food stamps by $4 billion per year, taking food from children, seniors, and veterans.

Senator Cruz has become the new Sarah Palin!

Though revered in parts of Texas, his ill-fated crusades will, like Don Quixote's, be his eventual downfall. He is not extremely popular among the population outside a few Republican states.

Win or lose, the loquacious freshman senator will continue to flail at windmills and his delusional ideas could destroy, not only his party, but his aspirations to the presidency. He will resort to the same tactics, the same already trodden path, despite the previous outcome! He's unrealistically rejuvenated by his small but raucous followers!

He imbues the very definition of insanity.

Like so many in the Republican Party, Cruz has become one of their rising political stars. Like so many others before him, he will flame out in a short time leaving everyone to ask of the GOP, "Is That All You've Got?"

Delusions may be the only thing left for a party that is chasing windmills.