A Different Kind of Thankful


The holidays are quickly approaching us and so is the colder weather. It is important to take the time and be thankful for the things that we do have, along with the things that we do not possess. Being grateful despite not having everything you want makes you a better person and able to realize that you are not your possessions. We are made up of experiences, relationships, loved ones and kind-hearted moments. It is good to know how to be thankful, despite things we may not have. With two of the biggest holidays around the corner, we have to be able to realize the true meaning of what it is to be thankful. Such holidays have become so commercialized that people aren't celebrating to true spirit of Thanksgiving and the true meaning of Christmas. We are celebrating the things that come with the holidays. There is a quote that I love stating "The things that matter most in life aren't really things at all." In the end, these items remain just things. However, what you do for someone and how you say something to a person can create a feeling of peace, hope and gratefulness.

Life has a way of showing us how to be grateful. Whether something happens when you least expect it, or tragedies may occur, you need to learn to be thankful despite shortcomings and negative situations. Being thankful in difficult times is the true test of life. It's easy to be thankful for the things you have, but difficult to be grateful despite things you don't have. This Thanksgiving, try to be thankful for every little blessing; the air we breathe, health, strength, family. In the end, our spirits will outlive our possessions. And being thankful for the things to come is the true test of faith. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.