Romanian NGO on Their Way to Guinness Book for Building the Largest Plastic Bottles Bridge in Timisoara

Photo by EyeInTheSky, used with author's permission

PET = Polyethylene terephthalate, a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family, used in beverage, food and other liquid containers.

It is a different version of Bridge Over Troubled Waters, as the trouble here is the plastic waste. Using 104402 recycled plastic bottles, the Romanians from have build the world's largest plastic bottles construction, which will be featured in Guinness Book: a bridge that connects the two banks of Bega River, which crosses the Romanian town of Timisoara.

Photo by EyeInTheSky, used with author's permission

"PETs place is not in the water," says Radu Rusu, the project initiator. And there is no smarter and more humorous way to make this ecological statement but by building a floating bridge out of non-biodegradable junk.



Photos by EyeInTheSky, used with author's permission

There is a typical Romanian expression used to designate a person who is a little bit crazy: he's gone with the raft (e dus cu pluta).

The guys from EccoStuff represent precisely the opposite of this expression: they are seriously anchored in substantial, fun and aesthetic eco-projects that give a great flavor to the already lovely Romanian town of Timisoara.

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Photos by FilmateDinAer, used with author's permission