A disturbing display of cyberbullying

A Memphis news station published an article discussing Rosie O’Donnell’s diagnosis of major depressive disorder. O’Donnell stated in an interview that she has suicidal thoughts, but said, “Luckily, I’m medicated.” The ensuing comments were disturbing, to say the least.

Cyber bullying is a major problem and has been linked to a number of suicides in children. The comments made by these adults can be described as nothing less than bullying. It’s easy to see where the problem begins.

While those comments are hard to stomach, there are far worse. Over the past year, several people have been charged with crimes for encouraging someone to commit suicide and contributing to their death. Adults should know better than to exhibit this type of behavior. Unfortunately, they do not.

When adults behave this way, are we really surprised that children are taunting others into committing suicide? Unfortunately, reminding people of the problem resulted in justification of the behavior, dismissal, and belittling.

In response to this comment:

People must do better. People must act better.

If you are struggling, you are not alone. Confidential help is available for free.

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