A Domesticated Dad Is A Sexy Dad

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Some husbands like to complain that once they put a ring on it or get in a long term committed relationship the sex dies off. Well with marriage and/or long term commitment, a lot of things happen. We usually have kids, work stupid hours, and still try to maintain a household.

Let me paraphrase (because I have a poor memory) Mila Kunis’ character Amy in her “Bad Moms” movie, “If you took care of anyone else BUT yourself, you would get SOOO many blowies! I’d give you so many it would explode!”

It’s SO true! We don’t need an additional child who has had thirty-ish years to perfect their tantrums and being waited on skills. As a wife and mother, we are pulled in a million different directions. Doctor appointments, dishes, baths, laundry, grocery shopping, school activities, date nights, planned family outings; the list could go on for miles! Snuggling up next to our sweet spouse at the end of the longest day ever (which is every day) and putting our lady bits on a platter while being sure he is well “taken care of” is really the last thing on our mind.

But you know what is hot, like makes me lick my lips, put on that lingerie I bought and never took the tags off of…….seeing my husband be all types of domesticated without asking.

In my head I’m saying this all as Ryan Gosling….

“Hey baby, I got dinner and dishes taken care of.”

“Mama, I got bath and bedtime tonight, go take the longest shower of your life.”

“Hey I got off work early and washed, dried and put away all of the laundry so you didn’t have to stress it tonight.”

“Give me your grocery list. I’ll go grab them for you and I’ll bring you home a coffee!”

And for that over the top moment, that I think would give me the biggest lady boner in the world!

“I’m taking all the kids out for the day. I’ve already packed the car, and we’ll see you at dinner time. I’m bringing home pizza. Baby you go relax or walk around Target by yourself. I got this!”

I think the hottest thing a man can say is that they “got it,” and not follow everything they try to do with 12,000 questions. Where are the wipes? Which milk does he take? What do they need to go with their lunch? What shirt goes with the black shorts? Where are the shoes? When will you be home?

Men of the world, handle it.

We love you and we love you (in that blowie type of way) even more when you take care of others instead of yourself first, because as moms, we do that all damn day. It’s nice to have a break every once in a while. Your actions will be greatly rewarded!

For the men reading this that already are professionals at this, I applaud you! May your wives praise you in all the right ways!

Babywearing and grocery shopping? Oh yes, mama melts over here!
Babywearing and grocery shopping? Oh yes, mama melts over here!

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