Ex-There to Tomorrow members new project AFTRHR release single "Walking On Air

Orlando-based AFTRHR is the collaborative effort of Maika Maile & Chris Kamrada.

Evolving naturally out of Maile and Kamrada’s former outfit There For Tomorrow, AFTRHR is presented more like one big piece of art, rather than a traditional band.

After years of international touring, multiple album releases, and even an MTV Award, the duo have taken the less-standard industry approach this time around by releasing songs, accompanied by cool and mysterious visuals, when they want, and without the hype and pressure often created by a label.

With influences ranging from Tycho and The 1975 to Bruno Mars, the result is a catchy-as-hell futuristic sound that spans genres and could find success in multiple musical worlds. Though only having released 3 singles to date, the reaction from listeners has been strong and an EP is likely to emerge later in the year.

The latest single 'Walking On Air' was a collaborative production with producer Blake Harnage (PVRIS). Check it out below.

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