A Failure of Coverage: Ecuadorian Coup

A Failure of Coverage: Ecuadorian Coup
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UPDATE OCT 1 10:23 EST - The BBC reports that President Correa said there would be "a deep cleansing of the national police", and that he would "not forgive nor forget" what had happened. The commander of Ecuador's police force has since resigned, a police spokesman said on Friday.

UPDATE 23:23 EST: BBC reports that: "Soldiers in Ecuador have rescued President Rafael Correa from a police hospital, appearing to end a day of violent unrest across the country."Follow Susana Morán, a journalist in Ecuador is live tweeting (in Spanish) from Quito. And follow this piece for updates.

As of 5:00PM EST, the front-page of CNN looks like this: If you look really closely, you will see that the second story on the left hand side under "Latest News" says, "Ecuador emergency amid 'coup attempts'"

It will link you to
with the following video:

The main tab seen in the center is essentially a self ad for a report that CNN will be showing this weekend. I welcome someone to correct me, but shouldn't an attempted coup get a little more notice than it is getting?

Fox News is no better and only offers a small ticker: The most important story is related to the brother-in-law of Bin Laden's bodyguard.

Since large media sources have failed, see below to find more resources to learn about this developing story

Video from RT America:
From Reuters:

News Links:

**Note** Other media sources have not included the story prominently like Fox News and CNN, but they are two of the largest online media sources

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