A Father's Day Gift Guide Designed to Make Dad Happy

I may be a female empowerment speaker, and a passionate #momboss who is an activist for all things womanhood. But one thing I’m not, is someone who will ever discount the importance of fatherhood.

And with Father’s Day on the horizon, I started thinking.

As a girl who grew up with a strained father-daughter relationship, I know from experience how critical the role of a father is in a child’s life. I know what it means because of how my daughter’s face lights up each time her father walks through the door or calls her on the phone.

I know it, too, because of all the men I know who take their role as Dad very, very seriously.

So, we’ve celebrated Mother’s Day. We’ve given Mom the time off she so craved, the massage she so desperately earned, and the sweet cards to brighten her day.

Of course, I enjoyed every minute of it, thankuvery much.

And in just a few days, it’ll be time to recognize the men in our lives who deserve the same love and attention – but what are you to do when another tie or photo of the family just doesn’t seem like enough?

Here are my tips for showering the special guys in your life with the Father’s Day love they deserve:

1. Down time

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, Dads certainly get far more down time than Moms in (in many cases). But here’s what I had in mind: giving the special dad in your life an opportunity to spend time doing what he loves best. Maybe that’s just sitting in front of the television. Or maybe it’s on the golf course, in Home Depot, or at his favorite restaurant. Whatever it is, nothing shows your appreciation for someone like giving them the opportunity to enjoy what makes them happy, on their own time.

2. Skip the formal celebration

This kind of goes hand in hand with the last one. Brunch at the local overpriced hot-spot in town to celebrate fatherhood? Did he even request that? Sure, it’s what the masses are doing – but we’re talking about the individual who has devoted himself to fatherhood, here. Create this year’s Father’s Day celebration around the activity he enjoys most, and this will be worth far more than any gift or trip to a fancy restaurant.

3. Give him something worth holding on to

Sure, maybe the tie is something he needs, but when it comes to gifts from the heart, nothing is more meaningful than an item that increases its value or sentimentality over time. Maybe it’s a simple art project your child made, or a collector’s item they’d been hoping for. Personally, one thing I love to give the most is a great bottle of wine, particularly from Vivanco of Rioja. This year, I stocked up on their Reserva 2007, the perfect gift for the Dad who loves to relax with a wine worth collecting. Of course, this gift is slightly self-serving, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Happy Father’s Day!

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