A Few Points to Think About Before You Grab a Verizon iPhone

First of all I have to admit to all of you that I love my iPhone. I can honestly say that there is not a thing that I've tried to do in my professional and personal life that I have not been able to find an app to make it easier. I was huge blackberry fan until I had pushed my BB to the max in terms of what I asked it to do. This forced me to break down and get an iPhone in the first place. When people I meet ask me about my iPhone I tell them straight away how great it is and a lot of times I hear the phrase: "I'm going to wait until it comes to Verizon because I heard all the problems the phones have on the AT&T network." I would just have to say okay, but you don't know what your missing.

But now the wait is over and the iPhone is coming to Verizon and of course people are ready to flock to the Verizon store to buy an iPhone. But before you do that I raise a few points to consider.

There has never been a phone that created a network effect like the iPhone. I don't even believe that AT&T expected it to change the way people access cellar networks and the user behavior would change forever.

  • Verizon has never had a data intensive phone before. People will say the Droid phone is comparable but that effect was shared across multiple carriers and no single carrier had to bear the weight of that effect. So will the flip-side occur that you can always make calls but not always have speedy access to your apps?
  • The iPhone ecosystem is massive now so a new iPhone brings more to choose from. When the iPhone launched, the concept of an app store was brand new, but now with thousands of apps and billions of downloads the leap from new user to data hungry user is short.
  • Will you be able to make calls and use apps? If not then I don't even need to say anymore.

I could think of more reasons to consider but I believe that is enough for you to ponder before you stand in line at VZW store in Febuary. So if you decide to switch come back and let me know how it goes. On last point, are the guaranteed to get the IPhone 5 in June?