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A Few Ways To Play In Partnership

Here are a few things you can do to play more thoroughly in partnership with whomever you are close to regardless of gender:
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For me, partnership has been a new and enlightening experience. Although I've had partners in the past, none of them were as serious or deep as the current one and that comes with a whole theme of interest that informs many of my thoughts. Lately, we have been exploring the concept of playing as partners and what that might mean for us and others.

As I've harped on numerous times, the reason we play is to improve the connection we have in others, learn about the world around us, and connect more deeply with ourselves and environment. This is one of the reasons all mammals play (including ferocious lions) all throughout their lives.

Playing in Partnership

If you have had a partner who is willing to do many things with you, it is a good idea for you to play as often as you possibly can. The vast majority of people who are playing will find that they get closer together as a couple, they have more fun, and the connection between them grows deeper.

Here are a few things you can do to play more thoroughly in partnership with whomever you are close to regardless of gender:

1. Intimate Bedroom Play - Of course, any couple who is young, healthy, and fertile is going to want to engage in bedroom play that is intimate and full of energy. Having sex with a steady partner makes a big difference in the quality of the experience and it can be a whole new ball game to add things to the mix.

One way you can increase the level of play in the bedroom is through nootropic supplements that can improve your sex life. As you'll learn, there are nootropic supplements that can make a big difference on your libido and even enjoyment. For example, females seem to be more relaxed taking some elements that make bedroom play even more fun.

2. Travel Play - One of the things my partner and I have started to do is travel! Instead of flying to one place and enjoying a hotel and spending a bunch of money to enjoy ourselves, we have decided to take another route altogether. We are touring the world and documenting what we are achieving through this travel.

One of the big differences that we are using is going on road trips where we can truly explore every aspect of a region. Our road trip to the American west is going to make a big splash in our lives given we will be sleeping in the car and constantly playing in road trip mode.

3. Make Believe Play - When children are young they often have a fair bit of make believe play they engage in on a routine basis. One of the main reasons this happens is because so many children have a fascinating imagination that has not been squashed by older people trying to be "realistic".

One thing you can do when in a partnership is just make believe about what it would be like to live a certain way. Maybe you could think about getting a tiny house together or where you might live in an ideal world. Just fantasize and enjoy the make-believe aspects of play we enjoyed as children.