A Flawless Valentine!


It seems that people either love or hate Valentines Day. At the Flawless Foundation we like to think of everyday as a day to celebrate love.

Flawless love
is compassion, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness.
Our tagline is "Seeing the perfection in every child" and that extends to "Seeing the perfection in every person."

Last year on Valentines Day, I wrote a piece called, Will you be yours? with a focus on self-acceptance and self-care as key tenets of universal love. This year, we had a poignant conversation with mental health advocate, Ross Szabo, on what seeing the perfection means to him. He reminds us that an important aspect of love is forgiveness. Not only does that idea feel accurate but there is research to support the neuroscience of forgiveness. Just this week, Drs. Lloyd Sederer and Deborah Glasofer wrote a Valentine's Day series on apology and forgiveness.

On this day of sweetness and love, let's expand our hearts to include forgiveness, compassion and self-acceptance as values to celebrate -- and put into practice every day of the year.