A Funny Post-Thanksgiving Poem

The turkey was juicy
the wine did flow.
How I'll burn off all these calories,
I'll never know.

The cranberry sauce,
always my fave.
But it's the pumpkin pie,
that I always crave.

The stuffing looked weird,
I've never touched the stuff.
The pecan pie a la mode was out of this world,
but I'd rather it have marshmallow fluff.

I ate the green beans,
to balance out the meal.
I passed on the mashed potatoes,
just keeping it real.

I asked around the table
"what are you thankful for"?
Instead of mom cooking we made reservations,
when we're finished we can just walk out the door.

I'm bloated to here,
I'm bloated to there.
I'll be stuck in elastic waist pants
until the end of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving
to one and all,
I am grateful to you and you and you,
But YOU most of all.