A Game That Explores The Effects Of Alzheimer's Disease

You're standing in a living room. It might be your living room. Something's not quite right -- for every object you recognize, there's another you don't. Normally, if you get this feeling while playing a video game, you're in the middle of a horror, awaiting the inevitable jump scare. In Forget-Me-Knot, however, you aren't evading an enemy, but instead trying to piece together memories of a life that, thanks to Alzheimer's Disease, you barely remember.

Developed by Alexander Tarvet, a student studying Game Design & Production Management at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland, Forget-Me-Knot is designed to raise awareness for those suffering with dementia. "Through playing Forget-Me-Knot the player gets an immediate sense of the confusion the character feels," Tarvet tells MOTD. "The player is in exactly the same position as the person with Alzheimer's -- both have to explore the room and try and piece together an understanding of photos and letters through clues left on shelves and in drawers."

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