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A Generation in Need of Crystal Balls?

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We'll be honest we didn't really know much about Krystal Ball before hearing about the so-called 'racy' photos of her at a costume party. In the pictures we see her, a 22-year-old recent college grad, dressed in a naughty costume leading her dildo-nosed-now-ex-husband around with a leash. After viewing the pictures, we can't help but wonder what the big stink is all about?

It's not like people have never seen others dressed up in tasteless costumes behaving like idiots. The difference is that in this unmasked and documented new digital universe, kids and young adults have photos taken in indiscreet and potentially embarrassing situations routinely posted on the Internet. This is part of our new technologically enabled, instantly archived, often-viral (as in unhealthy) social media landscape.

Unless we provide a crystal ball to every kid as they register for their first Facebook account, we all better get used to it --and over it. If we don't, there will be an entire generation unable to run for public office, lead a major corporation or work in our schools.

So, besides an ugly electoral climate where politicians and their parties are using nasty tricks to obfuscate the difficult hard choices we need to be making as a country, what else about this stinks?

The double standard when it comes to sex and behavior being applied to women.

Why do men get passes on exhibitionist behavior? Scott Brown posed nearly nude in the centerfold of a magazine and got elected to the United States Senate and nobody sneezed.

In fact, the more we think about it, we're feeling pretty bitchy about the whole thing. Yes, another word that seems to raise hackles. Bitch. A word we use to describe a woman who has a keen point of view, knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it. Too often, these same qualities so admired in a man are denigrated in a woman.

Women in public office have had to walk the behavior standards tightrope for too long. Either they're too tough or not tough enough, too sexy or not sexy enough. (Hello! Hilary.) Think about it: do we apply these same standards to male politicians?

So we're feeling a whole lot of love and a whole lot of sympathy for Krystal Ball.

Instead of witches who are not like you and me, maybe it's time to see a smart, serious, fun loving (albeit with bad taste, a dildo nose, really! no wonder he's an ex) young woman work her magic in the House.

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