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A Genius, Free Way to Double Your Closet Space

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Hi, your closet is a mess. You know you should clean it out...but how could you ever part with that vintage gas station work shirt you got at a Goodwill in 1998? Here, an incredibly easy trick for buying yourself more room.


What you need: A pair of coat hangers with skinny hooks (not the chubby plastic kind) and a leftover soda tab.

What you do: Loop one end of the soda tab around the neck of your first coat hanger. Then feed the hook of the second coat hanger through the open loop. Voilà! A double hanger! (If you're feeling frisky, add another tab to make a three-tiered guy.)

And then? Go to town hanging your shirts, blazers and (not too long) dresses. And consider it one more excuse to push the whole closet purge back a few months.


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