See Two Spirits Wave Hello In The Funniest Scene From 'A Ghost Story'

David Lowery's acclaimed film is now in theaters.

A Ghost Story” is an inventive film that can’t be distilled down to any one scene, even if an unbroken, five-minute shot of Rooney Mara binge-eating a pie has become its chief conversation piece. You’ll have to see the whole thing to experience that bit of movie magic, but HuffPost can offer the second-best moment from “A Ghost Story” in the exclusive clip above. 

First, a little background: When a Texas musician (Casey Affleck) dies in a car accident, he returns to haunt the home he shared with his wife (Mara), wearing what might otherwise be a Halloween costume. Left to dwell in a sort of limbo, the ghost soon discovers another specter in the adjacent house. A friend! Watch the scene to see their salutations. 

One of the year’s best, David Lowery’s moving film is now playing in limited release. It expands to additional cities throughout July. 



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