A Girl And Her Calculator: The Best Prom Love Story Ever Told

Last year, STEM high school student Regina Reynolds told her friends, "If nobody asks me to prom, I'm taking my calculator."

When the time came and no one asked, she did. ("Never let it be said that Regina Reynolds doesn't follow through!" she told them.)


She made her date a little tuxedo to blend in.


They even shared a slow dance.


All in all, it was a pretty magical night.


A year passed. And before she knew it, homecoming had arrived. Regina didn't even know she'd been nominated until the final ballot was distributed in homeroom.

Guess what happened next?


So, to any math-loving dateless high school junior reading this right now, Regina has one message for you: Anything can happen!

Regina has an awesome Tumblr. You should check it out.

Photo credits: Regina Reynolds

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