A Global Faculty - Co-evolutionary Teachers Collaborating With Evolutionary Technologies

"A teacher affects eternity; {they} can never tell where {their} influence stops."
-- Henry Adams


2013-09-25-Teachersandtechnology5.jpgWith the unveiling of a long awaited art exhibit, the press and patron's curiosity turns to awe or disappointment as the curtains are pulled back to reveal the long awaited exhibit's frameworks of beauty.

And so it is with Education. The pinnacle of humanity's art through all ages of time and dimensions is the wealth of its education and its availability to all people. It reflects the beauty and hideousness of humanity and the multitude of choices we choose to create from. It reflects the overall mindsets of humanity.

In the next four posts, you will be participating: as a reader, an observer, a patron, a critic, and/or an artist. This series of blogs is being written to facilitate ideas, innovation and participation from YOU to build and curate an artful exhibit for education in the 21st century. When this educational exhibit's framework is fully exposed, your participation and the role you have chosen will have impacted humanity's art for the ages. Your participation will have made an impression on its overall beauty; hence, experiential art imitates experiential education, just as art imitates life.

This educational exhibit of art provides a diverse portfolio: interconnected leadership and aggregated networks of information integrated into universally minded curriculums accessible online, as well as in global campuses connecting the alumni of the world.


The majority of teachers now teaching were born before the onset of this technological age. The system in which they grew up and formed their world views didn't include the technologies available now.

The vast divides of accessing and sharing information between generations are becoming increasingly wider. In the last 20 years, youth hasn't known life without technology and it and they are learning at a greatly accelerated pace. The "other" generations hold invaluable information forged from years of trial and error; most importantly, how to build and cultivate relationships, (both personally and globally) and the wisdom of how to utilize those relationships with integrity and wisdom. Yet, many wisdom holders and leaders haven't learned to share these life lessons and teachings utilizing current technologies. So we have younger generations accessing technology and older generations holding mined data rich in elements that could catapult both generations fully into the 21st century. With this potential collaborative effort in front of us: a seasoned discernment melded with immersive technology, humanity's evolution can be accelerated. In balance, we can meld the wisdom of the ages with technological expression to build the frameworks to support the next Big Bang of human potential.

This Education Unplugged 101 blog series is exploring how to open up and connect the world, its teachers, leaders and technology from around the globe. It offers options to teachers and students who no longer want or are required to travel to every seminar or classroom around the world in order to teach and learn. This blog explores the realities of a global faculty who are integrating information from all corners of the universe, tying one thread of wisdom to another to weave a full picture of the world while incorporating the diversity of its inhabitants. This is the beginning of a collaborative effort asking for a conscious participation from all people to build a "Bloomberg" like system of education.

The game changer of longevity is being addressed and included. We are living longer, and need to explore venues, opportunities, and frameworks to recognize the value and experience of The Elders', the lives they live and the pieces they can bring to the puzzle. With this kind of collaboration, all generations become invested in the outcome of humanity and regardless of age have much to contribute. Youth has energy, no fear, hope, vision and can work with the rich contributions from previous generations to shepherd and retrofit volumes of timeless wisdom so they can be accessed, experienced, integrated, honored, and shared throughout time, space and dimensions.

Youth, technology and the wisdom of the Elders have the promise of uniting us as a universal family of humanity. As we move into the 21st century, all of us will learn from each other. Youth with their visions for peace, their commitment to no poverty and an ecologically sound world, move like super colliders through life with their understanding of information and technology. Elders who live their lives clearing the tracks for these " young super colliders" can be sought in counsel and through teaching, for their personal experiences in the human technologies of relating and relationships. The 21st century needs the full participation of Elders and Youth, together, to support each other in the clarity, skill and brilliance necessary to maneuver through life and relationships in the 21st century and beyond.

In experiential education The Global Faculty and students must build a bridge between the generations to enable them to interact both personally and technologically. This interaction must be a balance of face to face relating as well as online.


To quote Ervin Laszlo in his book, Science and the Akashic Field, "The boundaries of "our universe" are not the boundaries of "the universe."

Teachers are being pushed to piece together the "necessary" systems and structures based on their own histories of experience, accessing elements from their career, their perceptions, their beliefs and current systems, as well as their global and local culture. These pieces are pasted together from elements that may no longer "actually" exist yet each teacher continues to teach from "their" version regardless of the system's relevance, viability or sustainability. Joseph Chilton Pearce, in his book The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit writes, "... these ceaseless variations, these versions that attempt to change culture and humanity actually preserve it by keeping us seeking for change. As we keep seeking for change, we want more. It doesn't really matter more of what; more beauty, more intelligence, more wealth, more power. More of something and when one fails another takes its place, with hope of finding more of something else. "

A Co-evolutionary teacher remains fully open to exploring life with a beginner's mind, enabling the opportunity to (re)vision reality's unfolding. Co-evolutionary teachers bring change through instants of insight or discovery, as they partner in creation with an Intelligence where insight arises. Co-evolutionary teachers "see" differently and shift the way we "see". This is not done through their eyes. They call attention to things which, although thought preposterous and beyond belief, can actually be experienced through a different kind of sight. Recognizing that almost all the previously workable support systems are crumbling, they co-operate with an innate Vision and move to expand the present frameworks that have been outstripped by the development of the human soul. A Co-Evolutionary teacher enters into partnership with a "higher field of knowing," inviting a universal mind to participate in co-creating a universal balance. This teacher stops seeking for more and innately recognizes All is present and available. Co-evolutionary teachers teach us to look carefully, to see mindfully, to feel globally and remain open infinitely.

A Co-evolutionary teacher and leader becomes aware that life and this world are far broader and more expansive than we have thought - by ourselves.


Evolutionary technologies have now entered the classrooms to become 21st century teaching assistants to a global faculty. The Global Faculty has expanded to include the new faculty members of media, social networks, the internet, and gaming. To fully integrate the game changer of the evolving human, experiential education must evolve to include these emerging technologies and their roles in educating the global student and citizen. The 21st century's global faculty must also expand their capacities to integrate vast amounts of information being accessed through technology. The evolving human, in balance with a natural information flow will drive humanity to its full potential.


Moving from an adjunct professor to full professorship in educating humanity, is Professor Media. Media is a global network of news, cable, radio, print and film in all its versions and forms. It isn't a "somebody" but a something ultimately crafted by many of us somebodies. In the current system of education, teachers are given the task of making sense of what Professor Media is teaching. With large class sizes and the never ending demands of current educational standards forced on teachers, even the super human teachers begin to crumble under the weight of Media's pervasive messages. Coupled with innumerable demands, faculty members from every level of education have felt overrun and undercut in regards to support, appreciation, funding, relief, acknowledgment and formidable innovation and change. Yet everyday those same faculty members rise to teach. They enter the classrooms each morning to address their students whose minds have been cramming day and night with Professor Media's mass information. Each morning, teachers enter the classroom to teach about the world and are met with the bombardment of the media's views of the world.

As we have seen in art when a combination of mediums are combined to create masterpieces, experiential education in the 21st century must also mix mediums and collaborate with technology, media, social networking, and gaming to co-create a masterful sense of the evolving world.

Experiential education in the 21st century must expand the previous attributes of teaching. Teachers already carry a huge responsibility when it comes to the shaping of the future of humanity. These unsung heroes are the educational troops sent daily to battle an ongoing onslaught of information and data. They encourage us to recognize the freedom we hold; to make conscious choices about humanity and its future. Each night these teachers leave their posts tired and wounded by the barrage of responsibilities left at their feet by parents, administrators, communities, countries and media.

Media must take responsibility for their reporting of information. It has become so intertwined in our lives that its content has become a major source of "knowledge" for humanity. As any evolutionary teacher knows, it only takes one clear teacher to make a difference and leave "a dent in the universe" (Steve Jobs). " Media, in all its mass and matter, needs one Evolutionary Leader to accept the call to teach.

Teaching is the opposite of manipulating. Professor Media knows how to manipulate information. Media must shift manipulative information into experiential education integrating it into global curriculums throughout the world. Will a media mogul choose to participate as a global faculty member and think in evolutionary ways to integrate news and information into curriculums of experiential education?

2013-09-25-MediaandEducationlogo.jpgWho are the artists of the ages who are stepping forward to lay a foundation for this exhibit of humanities' art? Apple, Google, Oprah? Amazon, Bezos, Jobs, Gates? Huffington, Branson, Buffet?

The media's curriculum can teach empathy by collapsing boundaries. Its curriculums must teach "accountability" on a global level by first being accountable and then by integrating the power of mass media to the world. It invites every individual to bring their innate knowing into the news from across the world and participate as authors and co-creators of world events rather than subscribers or viewers to a world in turmoil.

These global curriculums also call for the universal student and citizen to participate by bringing their innate discernment to the stories of "news". They can encourage all their networks to participate in a new "Operating System" of humanity.


It's a bit difficult to believe that books themselves may become a thing of the past. However, "vintage" typeset letters collected throughout the world serve as reminders that few things remain the same. Perhaps storybooks and novels will be lived through augmented realities acted out and experientially experienced through holodeck stages (Star Trek fans, we could be activated for duty). This kind of technology already exists (http://www.oculusvr.com/). Even still, the main focus for education in the 21st century is crafted and propelled from human touch and interaction as well as all humanity's full participation in co-creation.

Nothing in technology or science excels beyond its Creator. Each of us needs only to be reminded of our capacity, ability and innate identity as part of that Creator. A global faculty will lead this expansive excavation to unearth our forgotten artifacts of creativity, love, empathy and discernment coupled with the freedom to know who and what these treasures were created for.

Interweaving the golden minds of humanity with the silver threads of information is art. To integrate the experiences of the Elders, alongside the experiences of the Youth, invites an innovative collaboration in the present, future and throughout the history of humanity.


This blog series has been full of self-exploration and questioning. You will recognize that you are standing on fallow ground with a shovel in your hand and a tool belt dangling around your waist ready to build the framework for education in the 21st century.


Who do you know that you would recruit to teach in the educational framework you are collaborating on? Who do you read or follow online or through other forms of Media?