'A Good Day To Die Hard' Trailer: 'Die Hard 5' Gets Symphonic Teaser (VIDEO)

WATCH: First Look At 'Die Hard 5'

No hack yippee-ki-yay jokes here. Just pure, unadulterated action, Bruce Willis' undeniable charm and some expertly placed Beethoven. It's time for the incredibly effective first teaser trailer for "A Good Day To Die Hard."

The fifth "Die Hard" film comes along with diminished expectations. "Live Free or Die Hard," the fourth entry in the popular franchise, was underwhelming to both fans and critics despite earning $383 million worldwide (including an astonishing $250 million overseas, which might explain why No. 5 is set in Russia). Five years later, however, and armed with a new director (John Moore replacing Len Wiseman), "A Good Day to Die Hard" seems to remember that the "Die Hard" films and John McClane are supposed to be fun. Sample dialogue, spoken by Willis: "The double-o-seven of Plainfield, New Jersey."

Willis told HuffPost Entertainment that "Die Hard 5" was a risky proposition, but one worth taking. "It's a personal challenge. Because there are gaps of time between each movie. It's a kind of ageist tryptic: Now I'm this age, and trying to [make] an action movie with the "Die Hard" theme. How fast can I run? How well can I fight? So that's a challenge and, you know, it's a fun thing to do. If you look at all of them from the first film to the one we just did, there's a story. And you see me age over these films. That has its own interest to me."

Directed by Moore (best known for the bombastic "Behind Enemy Lines") and starring Willis, Jai Courtney, Cole Hauser and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, "A Good Day To Die Hard" is out on Feb. 14, 2013. Happy Valentine's Day and all.

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