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A Grass Root's Win in Wisconsin

The recall elections, though described as a waste of time by Governor Scott Walker, was democracy in action, exactly the political battles our founder's envisioned.
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On Tuesday, Wisconsinites reclaimed democracy in a big way!

After four months the recall elections in six Senate Republican districts and three Democratic districts in Wisconsin have concluded. They were an important turning point for the nation.

In these historical recall elections, 'the people' took another big step on Tuesday reelecting the remaining two Senate Democrats after taking two of the seats the previous week in the six Republican recall elections. A big step in taking back our precious democracy which is under attack by right-wing factions, big corporations, big money, and ALEC.

With five victories in the recall elections Wisconsinites are one step closer to winning back the Senate from the Republicans.

Will this strong showing motivate other repressed people in other states?

The recall elections, though described as a waste of time by Governor Scott Walker, was democracy in action, exactly the political battles our founder's envisioned.

Kathy Hocul's stunning victory in NY26 last May was the first step in reclaiming America for 'the people' and the result in Wisconsin will help motivate voters in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida to rise aggressively and take back their states.

Wisconsin results are already having an effect on other Governors and legislatures.

On Wednesday morning, Governor John Kasich, and Republican leaders in Ohio, indicated a newly found desire to negotiate with Democrats on SB5 -- the union busting bill Republicans passed five months ago.

SB5 is up for repeal by referendum in November. Opponents of the bill -- working-class Ohioans -- gathered nearly 1.3 million signatures, more than double what was needed to put it on the November ballot.

The victory in Wisconsin was resounding, though falling short of their hopeful expectations, a clear message to Governor Walker regarding his destructive policies.

Tuesday's victories in the two Democratic recalls, Robert Wirch, in the 22nd District (58 percent to 42 percent) and, Jim Holperin, in the 12th District (55 percent to 45 percent) ended the recall election with Democrats netting two seats in the Wisconsin Senate.

Despite falling short by a few votes of taking back the Senate, Democrats are energized and should push the recall of Governor Walker.

The Koch brothers, the DeVos family, American's for Prosperity, Karl Rove's secretive Crossroads group, and Koch funded Tea Party organizations pumped millions of dollars into the recall elections on the Republican side. These outside groups (SuperPACs) will pump millions more into a recall of the Governor.

Unions helped with support for Democrats running in the recall election but Republican's received nearly three times what the Democrats received from the outside right-wing organizations.

Most of the dirty dollars that will pour into the Wisconsin recall election of the Governor will pay for negative ads, fake mailings and robo-calls filled with misinformation, lies, and prevarications -- all courtesy of the Supreme Court's deleterious Citizens United ruling.

An informed Wisconsin electorate will be strengthened to combat the inflow of dirty money for Governor Walker designed to cloud the issues and influence the outcome of the recall.

The nation should be energized and united in taking back America in the 2012 elections.

Not the America misinformed simpleton's like Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry are referring to, but the 'real' America; one in which hard-working American's have a voice in 'their' democracy.

And a fighting chance at the 'American Dream.'

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