A Great Way to Spread the Christmas Spirit

Merry Christmas, HuffPosters. I'm back from Chile (Feliz Navidad) and Brazil (Feliz Natal), and celebrating with my daughters and my ex (see HuffPost Divorce) in New York. This year's It's A Wonderful Life Award goes to Gregory Schauer, the unemployed man who demonstrated the true Christmas spirit by taking in a homeless woman and her three children for the holidays. Remarkably, when we contacted Greg to tell him about all the people who had written in offering to help him, he told us: "Please let them know that the best thing they can do is pass it on so to speak. Instead of sending me anything, call a shelter, sponsor a family for Christmas, give to the food pantries, spread the spirit of Christmas to as many people as they can." So, in Greg's honor, please go to The Goods, our online store featuring goods and services for those in need, and make a purchase in Greg's name* (My choice was to help pay the rent of a family in need).

*Before adding your selection to your cart, click the box that indicates you want your donation to be a gift, put down Greg Schauer as the recipient, and gregsholidaywish@gmail.com as the recipient's email. We'll make sure he gets your message.