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A Guide to U.S. Troop Levels in Iraq

A Guide to U.S. Troop Levels in Iraq
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[figures from Baker-Hamilton Report, 2006; Center for American Progress, 2008]

- current US total: approximately 140,000;

- proposed withdrawal of combat brigades not necessary for force protection: 1-2 per month through summer 2010;

- residual force left in place for counter-terrorism, advisors, trainers, etc.: 10,20,000 instead of current 3-4,000;

- at a typical force protection ratio of three-to-one for a residual force of 15,000: 45,000;
- 15,000 + 45,000: 60,000;

- possible number of US private security contractors left after withdrawal of combat troops: 50,000 est. [current est. 100,000]

- total number of US military personnel after combat troops are withdrawn: 100,000 estimated.

This is what counterinsurgency looks like.

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