A Handy Glossary To Help You Translate 'Trump-Speak'

Let’s face it. If ever we thought we’d find ourselves living in an Alice in Wonderland, topsy-turvy world, now would be that time. Facts are fake and the fake stuff are facts. Our president is an unfiltered reality star who has more in common with Snooki than he does with a Head of State.

Thus, if you find yourself scratching your head in complete bewilderment over something our ‘so-called’ Commander-in-Chief, or his zombies, have said, tweeted, or Instagram’d, below is a simple, easy to follow glossary of the most commonly used phrases of Trump-Speak that will assist you in making sense of the non-sensical, and should help you get through the next (choke) four years with a smaller headache.

Feel free to submit your own in the comments section below. And have a topsy-turvy day!