A Healthy Week Begins... On Sunday!

The idea is simple: Use the one day of the week we do have time to cook -- Sundays.
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We need your help -- actually, we all need each other's help!

Although dinner might be just about our only daily opportunity to sit down together, catch up and eat a healthy meal, we tend to be too busy/stressed/tired (you can throw in a dozen other reasons) to cook ourselves. The kids are shrieking, everyone is starving and your fridge contains nothing but a few squishy squashes and a limp carrot. So what do we all do? We give up and give in to some awful food choices that someone in some far-off factory or fast-food restaurant "cooked" without one bit of love in their heart. And this is making us sick and fat and it's killing us.

The solution is... drumroll... HOME COOKED SUNDAYS!

The idea is simple: Use the one day of the week we do have time to cook -- Sundays. Let's make it a fun bonding activity -- and a wildly productive and delicious one, too. Let's use Sundays to shop, prep and cook with our families (hey, everyone can pitch in!), and then enjoy a great sit-down dinner at the family table. Let's turn this into a cherished weekly ritual.

To get people excited and cooking again, Kirstin Uhrenholdt (she is Danish and -- no kidding -- grew up on a fruit farm) and I wrote The Family Cooks, a cookbook filled with easy, healthy and tasty recipes.

We included lots of tips and tricks to avoid an unhealthy week -- including how to avoid junk food hazards in the supermarket, and ways that small and big kids can help you cook. We know you have good ones, too. So let's share all our great ideas and inspire others to give it a try, because we know that Home Cooked Sundays will guarantee calmer and healthier weeknights -- and give us the perfect way to start the week connecting with our kids while teaching them a thing or two about health and happiness.

Will you help make home-cooked meals synonymous with Sundays? Share your ideas, inspirations and best tips on how you prep your fridge on Sunday for a smooth week ahead. Send us your three best tips and favorite go-to recipe for Sunday dinner.

We will post ours, and together, we'll make Home Cooked Sunday the single best and most delicious day of the week!

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