A Helping Hand: B2B

Too often, businesses depend on the kindness of state governments to offer incentives and tax deals and sometimes, the states hit their ceiling. They need to have more coming in than going out and no matter how well intentioned it is, it doesn't always work out.

That's where private business can help? What, you say? Businesses helping other businesses? To quote the very profitable "Star Trek" franchise,' the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.' Those private companies with resources can help incentivize others to do business because at the end of the day, a healthy economy helps everyone. Here's the simple equation: A company offers land as an incentive to build a factory or community. That brings construction jobs. That brings people spending money at restaurants, bars, hotels, drug stores etc. as I said: Businesses incentivizing other businesses with less reliance on state offers.

Our business is based out of Arizona. Arizona has tremendous growth opportunities. Phoenix is the 6th most populated city in the US and is the second fastest growing metropolitan areas. We offer proximity to large cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas. We also have strategic placement along the Mexico/NAFTA corridor, which allow us international trade and business opportunities. Additionally, we have a lower cost of business, a strong transportation infrastructure, and an educated and skilled workforce.

However, I feel Arizona needs to put more effort into attracting new business to the state. Our policies need to be favorable and we need to offer incentives to attract business to pick Arizona over neighboring states. We need to come and do all that we can to be the location where businesses want to move to.

Our company is constantly trying to incentivize businesses to move to Arizona. We recently offered 1,000 acres of land to Tesla for free if they decided to open their battery plant in Arizona.
If Tesla were to move to Arizona, it would grow our economy tremendously. They are proposing a $5 billion plant, not to mention up to 6,500 new jobs that would be created in Arizona were they to move here.

A few years ago, we held a solar auction in which we auctioned properties at highly discounted prices for solar developers to come to Arizona and develop their plants in Arizona rather than moving to other states. If solar developers were to come here, it too would help in job creation and increase investment capital to our state.

Reliance on the federal or state government does not help build businesses. But businesses working hand in hand with each and with the state in a cooperative effort? Well, that's just priceless.