A Helping Hand: Bring America's Entrepreneurial Talent to a Stage of Opportunity

There is so much talent in all of us. Sometimes a little guidance, assistance, mentorship or just someone to believe it us can make all the difference in the world. I've found that's true for entrepreneurs who struggle to turn their dreams into reality. Mentorship and technical assistance can turn the seed of an idea into a blossoming business.

Last week, I saw the dramatic results of how mentorship, training and resources can have a dramatic impact on success. Although the story I'm about to share with you isn't about a business endeavor, it nonetheless demonstrates how people helping people can make dreams come true.

I happened to catch an act on America's Got Talent which literally brought tears to my eyes. It was the audition of a group called New Directions Choir compromised of about 10 veterans between the ages of 30 and 62 who had lived on the streets for as long as 25 years. Because of the guidance, training and assistance provided by New Directions located in Los Angeles County, these talented men and women had turned their lives around and were standing on the stage ready to share their talent with the world. Yet as the group's spokesperson noted, "There was a time when you wouldn't have wanted to see us coming."

That wasn't the case Saturday night. As the group performed an a cappella rendition of Old Man River, a hush fell over the audience. And I wasn't the only one with tears streaming down my cheeks. When the camera panned the audience it captured lots of people wiping their eyes. Even before the group sang its last few notes, the audience jumped to its feet and the judges joined them for a lengthy standing ovation.

From the streets, to the world stage. What a difference! It shows how people can change and dreams can come true if we all are willing to lend a helping hand. There are so many people struggling in our country today and one act of kindness could be life-changing.

As for how all of this ties into small business: Keep in mind the thousands and thousands of people who are unemployed and who are now turning to business ownership in order to survive. If you are already in business, don't forget the impact you could have by helping or mentoring a new business owner. Your wisdom, experience and insight could help them make it to their stage of opportunity so they can show the world their talent and make their dreams come true.

America's got lots of entrepreneurial talent. A helping hand may give a budding entrepreneur the chance to appear on his/her stage of opportunity. Help the talent be discovered and flourish.