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I'll tell you when I began to wonder if her "crackpot theories" were really all that crazy after all. It was when FOX NEWS demanded she be fired for suggesting the possibility.
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Rosie O'Donnell, while hosting THE VIEW, has proposed the idea that the 9/11 incident was an internally sourced "False Flag" job on the United States. A coup. She said that our media is a primarily a propaganda device to mislead us about the real story behind the worst attack to strike upon American soil.

We have a flood of information sources, all telling us conflicting stories as to the real circumstances behind this assault. Many agree with her and many do not.

I'll tell you when I began to wonder if her "crackpot theories" were really all that crazy after all. It was when FOX NEWS demanded she be fired for suggesting the possibility.

I wasn't there in New York when the 9/11 attacks happened, but if comedy has taught me a thing or two about human nature, it sure seems that the nice folks at FOX NEWS do NOT want people investigating the notion that we might've been lied to. Don't know about you guys, but nothing makes me want to look into something more than when someone tells me not to.

I proudly defend her right to draw whatever conclusion she chooses, because she has shown a kind of courage that very few people in the media have exhibited in many years and has earned my deep admiration.

So Rosie, here are some responses to all those defense runs from all those Coincidence Theorists out there:

1."Some people don't like complicated things. Maybe it's just not your gift."

2. "History books are jammed with conspiracies. But WE live in today's mess. I understand why you're scared, but some of us are trying anyway."

3. "How noble and brave of you to go along with what Bill O'Reilly is saying!"

4. "You're a savant at predicting the past."

5. "You must be a COMPLACENCY KOOK!"

6. "What have you been SO RIGHT about that you can tell me I'm wrong about anything?"

7. "Ignorance is now officially, no longer bliss."

8. "Why don't you care more about this? What's wrong with you?"

9. "If you were a CSI cop, they'd have to fire you. You don't really look at evidence."

10. "Just because you don't know something, doesn't mean it's not true."

11. "NOBODY puts energy into shutting up a liar. They only risk everything to shut up the ones telling the truth."

12. "You didn't say you DON'T believe it, you said you CAN'T believe it. You're just not capable of absorbing the information."

13. "You say that the liberals have been brainwashed to believe these things. So, at least we've established that millions of people can be programmed. Which millions? If it's so easy to manipulate me, why is the same not even possible for you?"

14. "I might be wrong, but at least I have the guts to look into it."

15. "Why do you have to be so mean and insulting if you're convinced that you're in the right?"

16. "You might be Para-Void. You wouldn't even know there was a conspiracy if you were part of it yourself."

17. "Are you capable of admitting when you're wrong?"

That last one's a toughie for a huge portion of our population. They hate being mistaken so much that lots of people would rather lie about it.

How patriotic.

What Rosie is doing is asking for more analysis into the pivotal turning point for our nation's freedoms. Not ALL the differing stories can be authentic, but several might be. Don't throw out the entire batch without more research. Not good science. Exploring different ideas is very American. It took Edison a thousand different filaments to bring his bulb to life.

Then again, some people will still prefer to live in the dark, no matter what.

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