A Hockey Mom's Rebuttal

Perhaps in the weeks to come I will change my mind. But while the world was listening to Sarah Palin, I was watching her as a hockey mom and as a parent of a disabled child. ("Special needs" is a term that guarantees they won't get what they need!)

For whatever it is worth here is what I think: Sarah Palin said that the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom is lipstick. I think the true answer is deeper than that. I think that a true hockey mom tells her sons and daughters that being a good parent takes maturity. That if you are a teenager you might look for the resources in your parents' night table drawer. (condoms?) Abstinence clearly does not work. Parental understanding does.

On the next topic I would like to start a conversation with my sister mothers of kids with disabilities. I don't think I could have run for vice president of the United States in the months after my son Danny was diagnosed with severe autism. But perhaps I would have viewed it as a way to put him in an important spotlight while providing a distraction for myself? Not a bad thing. What do you all think?

Full disclosure: I am a life long Democrat and I wish Hillary was running. BUT discussion is GOOD.