A Holistic Approach to Beating Breakup Blues

With a business all about breakups and moving on, I meet a lot of people who have different perspectives on how to heal heartbreak, and are full of different tips and tricks to help you get back to fabulous.
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With a business all about breakups and moving on, I meet a lot of people who have different perspectives on how to heal heartbreak, and are full of different tips and tricks to help you get back to fabulous. Recently I met the incredible Susan Ciminelli, a world renowned holistic health guru, who specializes in lifestyle coaching, massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, reiki, nutrition and skincare. You may recognize her name, as she has treated a whole host of A-listers including Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Tina Fey & Shakira. She was full of advice to help you move on - all of it very practical and I'm a big fan of the practical! Part of my inspiration to start my business Never Liked It Anyway, was to create a place which was all about taking affirmative action rather than laying around listening to metaphors and useless clichés. In times of heartbreak, you want an action plan!! So here it is, Susan's 5 tips to help beat the breakup blues.

1. Power Up
Your immune system takes a beating after a breakup. So while you may have a desire to reach for the ice-cream and chocolate, eating healthy matters more than ever. Ciminelli says "If you are a junk food junkie, you will feel terrible. Junk food just brings you down, and attributes to weight gain, self loathing, mood swings, irritability, and of course breakouts". During a breakup, you don't need any more of those sorts of things happening. Ciminelli recommends avoiding sugary foods and load up on fruits that have a low glycemic index like raspberries, blueberries, apples and pears.

2. Get A Routine
Ciminelli is an expert of skincare, so naturally, she speaks of skincare routines. However, what you choose to create a routine around is up to you. The point is, it sends a message to yourself that you value and respect yourself. Ciminelli says "When you have discipline in your life and you care for yourself, even just doing a wonderful, naturally fragrant, stimulating skin care routine, you feel better about yourself. Not to mention, when you look good it is easier to feel good." Challenge yourself to start a routine, just for you. It could be skincare, exercise, lunch with a mentor or meditation.

3. Surround Yourself With Good people
Now, more than ever you need to be reminded of the good in the world and the love of people. Don't go it alone! Invite your friends round and share a cup of tea. Ciminelli suggests fragrant chamomile tea with thick, natural honey and fresh mint added to help lift your spirits high. Make sure to keep the conversation positive and future focused rather than make it feel hopeless and depressing. And definitely no man bashing!

4. Get Outside
Fight the temptation to stay indoors with a blanket over your head and get out of the house. Not only will this get your blood moving and endorphins going, it will refresh your perspective and help rebalance your hormones. "When you experience heartache, your brain is releasing hormones that are destructive for your health and well being. Increasing your own serotonin levels by exposure to light, preferably sunlight whenever possible helps tremendously". Ciminelli says. So step out of the house and into the sunshine wherever you can.

5. See The Bigger Picture.
Ciminelli's treatments encompass skincare, reflexology, nutrition and healing. Seeing the totality of your pain, and treating it from as many ways in as possible will help get you further, faster. There is no silver bullet unfortunately. But taking the time to give your body what you need across all dimensions will help. Ciminelli says "I encourage people to get reflexology, Swedish massage, aromatherapy lymphatic drainage massage and seaweed body wraps to lighten the mood and bring harmony to body, mind and soul." Try out new things, and try things that may feel new and different to you. They'll open your mind to new possibilities; and new is just what you need right now.