'A Is For Ackbar': Parents Create 'Star Wars' Alphabet For Son's Room

When freelance designer Brandon Peat and his wife Emma found out they were having a baby, they started to dream up creative ways to decorate the nursery for son-to-be, Tycho, who is now one-and-a-half.

Since both parents are artists, they wanted to create original prints for Tycho's room in their Fort Wayne home. "We decided to illustrate an alphabet of characters from one of our favorite franchises –- 'Star Wars,'" Brandon wrote on his blog.

To create the "alphabet from a galaxy far, far away," as he calls it, Brandon "sketched the basis for each character in pencil, which Emma then rendered and colored in Illustrator -– it was very much a collaborative process."

Brandon isn't the first parent to pass the force down to his offspring. Dad and illustrator, Jeffrey Brown, published "Darth Vader and Son" -- a hilarious send-up of Luke as a 4-year-old -- when his own son was little. Lucas and Lesley Karpiuk built their baby Liam his very own Millenium Falcon (and found him his Princess Leia). And recently, photos of an amazing AT-AT bed that dad Derek Dutilly built for his son have been circulating on the Internet.

Brandon told The Huffington Post that siblings are most likely in Tycho's future -- we can't wait to see what the family comes up with next!

Below, 6 "Star Wars" Themed Letters ... you can see the rest of the alphabet on Brandon's blog.

A Is For Ackbar