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A Japanese Fast Food Chain Is Now Selling Kit Kat Sandwiches

In Japan, they are an obsession.
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Photo Credit: Twitter

In another attempt to out-America America, Japanese chain First Kitchen is selling a dessert sandwich made with Kit Kats.

In America, Kit Kats are just another candy bar that conveniently comes in packages of two. But in Japan, they are an obsession. The country has developed green tea flavored Kit Kats, as well as baked Kit Kats and Kit Kat pizza. The newest Japanese Kit Kat innovation is the Kit Kat sandwich: a dessert sandwich sold by Japanese fast food chain First Kitchen.

The sandwich itself is relatively simple. According to Kotaku, the Kit Kats are stuffed between two slices of white bread, along with a ton of whipped cream and candied orange peel slices. Frankly, this sounds like a five-year-old took over Fast Kitchen for the day, because a whipped cream and Kit Kat sandwich is definitely something our kindergartener selves would have dreamt up.

The sandwich is actually made with "Kit Kat for Cafᅢᄅ," a special variety of the chocolate bar designed for dipping in hot beverages.

The limited edition sandwich is available for 220 yen ($1.81 USD).

-Joanna Fantozzi,The Daily Meal