A Jersey Girl's Winter Poem

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday this week, I've penned my own poem for New Jersey.

I've got snow in my shoes, I've got slush in my socks.

My car doors won't open, there's ice in the locks.

School's cancelled again, the kids give a cheer,

But then fighting and bickering is all mom will hear.

"I just broke his DS and he gave me a shove!"

"Where's my snow pants? My boots? I can't find my glove!"

Then outside they go to "play" in the snow.

How this will end? All moms, you know!

Twenty minutes to gear up, then, "I have to pee."

But finally they get out... for a minute or three.

"He stepped on my fort!!" "He threw ice in my face!"

And back in they trudge, snow all over the place.

The floor's soaking wet, the dog smells like must.

My arms hurt from shoveling, my back's gonna bust.

We've been at this for months, I've not seen the grass.

I've lost count of the times I've slipped on my a**.

This winter's been brutal, this snow is too much!

We're ready for springtime and baseball and such!

I long to hear birds chirp, want flowers to sprout,

Or at the least, can the sun just come out?

It's winter in Jersey, I get it, there's snow...

but now it is March-does Mother Nature know?

It's gonna get better, the season will turn...

Then we can complain about heat and sunburn!