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A Kink in the Works

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In the past couple of weeks I was at a retreat (sans computer or iPhone) and then it was Christmas and my usual unrestricted work flow turned quite stagnant, except for the immediate things. I noticed my email inbox had more than ten emails that I had already seen and intended to handle that day. Over the next few days that ten grew to two screens of opened unhandled emails. I had a real kink in the works.

The rebel in me loved this "time off" and had no desire to work out the kinks. Essentially I went on strike or, more accurately, I chose to be unconscious. The responsible, cooperative part of me could only handle it for so long and yesterday shouted, "enough already, I can't breathe. Do something PLEASE!"

That got my attention and I tackled the kinks one email a time through to completion. With the inbox emptied, I felt my breath relax, my energy increase and I was in cooperation with what still needed to be completed.

To me, kinks are part of the process and we are to continue practicing opening the flow. I am honestly grateful when I choose to let go of my personal resistance and just handle the kinks letting myself and my systems breathe and come back into the balance of their natural flow.
Be kind to yourself when kinks are constricting, restricting and blocking your flow. Trust yourself to know when you no longer have the luxury of those kinks and do what needs doing.

Martha Invitations

1. Take time to complete 2016. Touch all file folders, electronic and physical, toss what is not in active use, clean up kinks in your systems and make room for the new. [Call or email me to schedule phone or in person support ]

2. Pick up anything stacked or hidden in briefcases or stickies by phones etc. and gather them to your inbox to deal with one at a time.

3. Ask yourself where the kinks are in your system and take the first step.

4. If there is a kink in any incomplete communications do what it takes to keep those channels clear with everyone.


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