A Laughable, Error-Ridden 'Case for Impeachment'

Floyd Brown, head of the Western Journalism Center, has been agitating for President Obama's impeachment for nearly a year, and WorldNetDaily has helped him agitate.

An Oct. 9, 2009, WND article by Bob Unruh touted Brown -- whom he fawningly described as a "political activist who was behind the famous Willie Horton advertisement that left Gov. Michael Dukakis' candidacy for president floundering and was among the first to sound the alarm on the need for Bill Clinton's impeachment" -- and his then-new "Impeach Obama Campaign" website, which Unruh depicted as "a strike at the emperor."

Brown's arguments for impeachment at the time were largely based on misleading, out-of-context, or just plain false claims. Brown repeated many of the same bogus arguments in an Oct. 25, 2009, WND column.

(Further, neither Brown nor Unruh saw fit to disclose that WND editor Joseph Farah founded the WJC.)

Now, WND and WJC have teamed up again on a book, The Case for Impeachment: Why Barack Hussein Obama Should Be Impeached to Save America. It's written by Steven Baldwin -- not the actor, but a "Senior Research Fellow" at WJC, but it's credited as "A joint project of WorldNetDaily and the Western Journalism Center" -- which an Aug. 23 article by Unruh promoting the book curiously does not mention.

That seems to put the lie to Farah's recent decoupling efforts. In a Dec. 2, 2009, column detailing his response to the United Nations in a failed attempt to get UN-hater Jerome Corsi press credentials for a climate-change conference, Farah wrote, "I, like my company, WorldNetDaily, have no connection to the Western Journalism Center today." (Farah seemed not to understand why the UN would not be eager to give press credentials to a "news" organization whose editor and CEO called it "a global criminal enterprise determined to shift power away from individuals and sovereign nation-states to a small band of unaccountable international elites" and declared, "Death to the U.N.!")

The thin, coloring book-sized tome -- 50 pages of large, widely-spaced type that WND is selling for $19.95 -- purports to be:

An insightful summary of how President Barack Hussein Obama's purposeful actions have jeopardized America's ability to defend herself, and undermined our free enterprise system, corrupted our democratic institutions, and transferred massive amounts of power and wealth from American citizens to extremist special interest groups whose loyalty lies not with our Constitution, but with a global socialist government.

The book contains no footnotes or any other substantiation for the claims it makes. That's a clear sign that Baldwin and his WND-WJC team are not interested in the truth. It's little more than an expansion of Brown's original list, and the errors, misrepresentations, and falsehoods have exponentially increased.

A bona fide Obama-hater, Baldwin is perfect for this smear job, having penned an article on the WJC website accusing Obama of being "stupid and lazy" and that "a network of liberal professors, law firms, and others, gave him a pass on performance while he pursued his political agenda." In one section, titled "Obama's Stupidity is Reflected by the Most Naive Cabinet Ever," Baldwin repeats a claim that "only 8%" of Obama cabinet members "hail from the private sector." But PolitiFact.org declared this claim to be false, stating that the private-sector experience of several Obama cabinet members was ignored.

That's the approach Baldwin takes in his book -- parrot every right-wing anti-Obama talking point, no matter how specious. It's a sloppy parroting job at that; Baldwin misspells the names of Sen. Jon Kyl and activist Mikey Weinstein, among others.

Here are just a few examples of the falsehoods contained in the book:

Obama has devastated our relationship with our closest ally, the United Kingdom... Obama also insulted the U.K. when a bust of Winston Churchill loaned to the White House after 9/11 was returned. Reportedly, Obama told White House aides to "Get rid of the f***ing thing." Apparently, Obama detests one of the great heroes of Western civilization. [p. 17]

In fact, as I detailed when Newsmax columnist James Humes made a similar claim, there is no evidence whatsoever that Obama ever said such a thing. Further, the bust was already scheduled to be returned to Britain before Obama took office.

Obama has announced plans to create a domestic para-military force. Obama's proposal to create a "Civilian National Security Force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded" as the U.S. military, was listed as a $439 billion item in the 2009 budget. This is a quasi-military force that would report directly to the Executive Branch and operate within the boundaries of the United States. This is clearly unconstitutional. [p. 20]

In fact, as FactCheck.org details, this is a badly distorted version of Obama's call for doubling the Peace Corps, creating volunteer networks and increasing the size of the Foreign Service. And the "Civilian National Security Force" was not "listed as a $439 billion item in the 2009 budget"; that was the amount of the U.S. defense budget in 2007, according to WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah, a leading promoter of this bogus conspiracy theory.

Obama's fanatical obsession with "animal rights" is endangering America's economy. The Obama administration is promoting animal rights at the expense of America's economic needs. Fishing industry spokesman report Obama's environmental bureaucrats are planning a total ban on all recreational and commercial fishing along America's coasts, and even within America's lakes, all to appease Obama's radical environmental friends. Such a ban will cause the loss of at least a million jobs. [p. 27]

PolitiFact called this claim "Pants on Fire" false. An Obama administration task force is looking at ways to improve stewardship and effective coastal and marine spatial planning of America's oceans and coasts and the Great Lakes, but no ban on fishing has been approved, let alone proposed.

Ramadan, but not Christmas, is celebrated at the Obama White House... Obama also told People Magazine his family does not give Christmas because they "want to teach limits." One can only wonder if Obama really understands the meaning of Christmas and how Christianity is intimately intertwined with American history and culture. [p. 36]

False. In fact, Michelle Obama told People that she and her husband don't give birthday presents because they host large birthday parties instead. And Michelle Obama went on to say, "Malia believes there is still a Santa Claus even though she's a little wary because some of her friends are non-believers. But Malia says, 'Ma, I know there is a Santa because there's no way you'd buy me all that stuff.'"

Senator Jon Kyle [sic] was informed by Obama in a private meeting the federal government will not enforce our borders until a "comprehensive" immigration bill -- which includes amnesty -- is passed. Sen. Kyle [sic] is a long-standing senator from Arizona and expert on immigration. Obama denies this conversation, but Kyle [sic] stands by it. [p. 43]

In fact, Kyl has walked back the claim, telling the conservative National Review that "the comments were 'taken a bit out of context,' and that the 'they' he was referring to was the Left, 'the president's base,' and not the administration."

Obama claimed he wouldn't take PAC money during his campaign. He took lots of PAC money. [p. 47]

According to OpenSecrets.org, of the $656 million Obama raised for his 2008 presidential campaign, only $1,830 came from PACs. That is clearly not "lots."

There's much more.