A Leadership Candidate Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable

“If we can learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and challenge ourselves together, we can find a greater future where we all can prosper” - Joseph Corazzini

Joseph Corazzini wants to become a superintendent because he intends to make an impact on students and student achievement. A veteran of non-profit work, Joseph’s time spent in that area left him feeling like he could make a bigger impact - so he set his sights on district administration.

As he puts it, “The largest impact that we can really have is in the district because you can pass policies; you can challenge standards; you can generate conversations to inspire others. There are so many things that you can do within the public school district that has the potential to affect thousands of students.”

Joseph is a member of the AASA / Howard University Urban Superintendents Academy cohort and is currently the Director of Community Resource Development at Framingham Public Schools, MA. Joseph sees a fairness to using search firms in choosing candidates for school leadership positions and recently held a seat on a panel for a new superintendent search. It’s a learning exercise that is preparing Joseph for the very process he will inevitably enter in the not so distant future.

About Joseph Corazzini

Joseph Corazzini is the Director of Community Resource Development, at Framingham Public Schools where he has partnerships between public schools and higher education institutions that increased student achievement and expanded youth programming across the district.

Prior to that, he was the Associate Director of Community Organizing at the United Way of Central Massachusetts and Associate Director at the Worcester Education Collaborative. He is a member of the AASA / Howard University Urban Superintendents Academy and he holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from Worcester State University.

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